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Surfasolve Tool Cleaner is an ultra low water based solvent replacement system that is non-flammable, worker safe, and easy to use. This product is much more effective than acetone and fully recoverable, greatly reducing costs and waste disposal. Prosolve Tool Cleaner has been fully evaluated on its effect in resin curing with little to no degration in quantities as high as 10% of the resin. Residue from rollers will not cause resin to stop curing like most solvent replacement systems. Prosolve Tool Cleaner never stops working and allows resins to settle at bottom of wash station. This material can be easily recovered later as a solid waste separated from the tool cleaner. This process creates no hazardous waste and greatly reduces costs associated with solvents such as acetone.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Excellent solvency on all resin systems. Highly effective. Residue from tools will not affect laminates. No moving parts. No heat required (can be used at very low temps). No HAP's, Trace VOC. Non-flammable. Non-regulated.

APPLICATIONS: Clean rollers, Brushes squeegees. Guns, tools, parts, etc. Cleaning hands. Continuous duty cleaner for laminating. Gun Flush. Removing 5200. Removing old hardened resin. Removes and cleans off adhesives. Cleaning out equipment. Super degreaser and cleaner.

ECONOMY: Very slow evaporation. Fully recoverable many times. Large reduction in waste generated. Outlasts over 10 drums of acetone. Increased productivity. Product never stops working.

SAFETY: 100% Bio-degradable. No skin absorption hazard found. Will not cause permanent damage to eyes. Non-toxic.

TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Density - 7.8 lbs per gal. Flash Point - Boiling Point. Solubility in water - Complete. Specific Gravity - 95-98. Surface Tension - 24. Viscosity - 45 cps. Color - Clear / Amber.

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