Mini Sprayer

$ 217.80

A gravity fed, lightweight spray gun to be used for applying gel-coats, resins, paints, adhesives, parting film and many other liquids. Designed to operate with less air than normal spray guns, it therefore can be used with small compressors, with very little over spray because of its specially designed air and fluid nozzles.

The MINI Sprayer is made with corrosion and solvent proof materials. It is a proven work and time saver since clean-up is a breeze.

Comes packaged with two 32 oz. plastic cups, one 32 oz. untreated disposable cup, one mill gauge, five solvent resistant lids, operating instructions and "The Professional Gelcoater" pamphlet for troubleshooting problems.

The five different nozzles sizes are suitable from the heaviest gel-coats to the lightest parting film. Nozzles are instantly interchangeable and very little solvent is needed for clean -up. A small nozzle is also available as an option.

PSI @ 90.

Note: Please request parts by email.


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