MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirators

$ 20.81

The advanced design of the Advantage 200 LS Respirator - the first half-mask developed exclusively for people who wear respirators - provides protection from contaminants, a comfortable fit and an economical price. The mask incorporates the proven Advantage face seal with MSA's patented MultiFlex System for a virtually customized fit. Plus, the highly effective AnthroCurve Sealing Surface instantly conforms to each wearer, equalizing pressure on the face seal area and eliminating annoying pressure points. And, the Advantage 200's simple, efficient design makes it very cost effective. With only four components - the face piece, four-point yoke, inhalation/exhalation valves and head harness - there's never an inventory or maintenance cost problem.


Cartridges 99.97% efficient against 0.3 micron DOP.

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