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Diamond blades can be supplied in a variety of diamond grades and
widths to suit most fiberglass applications. The most common types
are Side Spoke, Continuous Rim, and Slotted/Gulleted.

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Fiberglass Laminating Rollers

Bodi Company's fiberglass laminating rollers started with the bolt on design. The quik-change fiberglass laminating rollers are becoming very popular due to the ease of the push-on pull-off design. Bodi also manufactures 1/4" mini fiberglass laminating rollers, detail fiberglass laminating rollers and economy fiberglass laminating rollers. They work great to get the air out of a small radius. The paddle wheel and bubble buster fiberglass laminating rollers also do a great job of getting the air out. We can also make special fiberglass lamination rollers in sizes and configurations to adapt to any situation you are dealing with.



Heavy Duty Trimmers

Bodi Company's fiberglass trimmers are great for cutting all types of fiberglass. The 3" fiberglass trimmer is light weight and powerful. The 4" and 5" fiberglass trimmers produce 1 hp and have been in the fiberglass industry for over 30 years. All trimmers are complete with Bodi's quality diamond wheels.
Bodi Company repairs ALL the air-tools we carry. Bodi repairs all fiberglass cutting trimmers, Heavy Duty trimmers, Cengarettes and Cengar JP901.






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