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After 25 years with Allied Chemical & W. R. Grace pioneering Thermosetting Polymers (Polyesters & others), Stanley B. Mulder, founder of BODI Company Inc., realized the industry he had spent a quarter century pioneering was beginning to finally mature with ample room for future growth. Mulder’s valuable experience selling Polymers to the Composite Industry led him to realize there was a great apparent need for quality laminating rollers, diamond abrasives, air tools and other specialty products.

In 1975, Mulder set out for Panama City, Florida with a trunk full of never seen before ½ x 3 plastic rollers. He had received an order for 60 of his newly developed rollers that day which led Stanley to develop his first line of laminating rollers. This marked the beginning of the ‘Mom and Pop’ business BODI Co. named for a combination of two of Mulder’s children’s names (Bo and Dina). Selling these newly produced laminating rollers from the trunk of his car and while his wife, Margaret Mulder, took orders over the phone from their kitchen, Stanley embarked on what was the eventual rise of one of the top fiberglass tool manufacturing companies in the world.

Since the days of selling business-to-business from the trunk of a car, BODI Co. has developed into a topnotch industry leader under the control of Stanley’s daughter Dina Huckery (owner and President) and her husband Thomas Huckery (owner and Vice President) as well as help from their three boys Chris, Brannen and Aaron. Prior to Dina and Tom’s takeover, Stanley’s son Stan Mulder Jr., better known as Bo, assisted in the expansion of BODI Co. for 9 years with his father which included BODI Co.’s initial release of Quick Change Rollers, a prominent product of the company today. BODI Co. now also features multiple manufacturing warehouses while simultaneously expanding its alternative industries like Diamond Products and Buffing Products.

Since its inaugural year in 1975, BODI Co.’s main purpose and philosophy has been to build a family business producing quality products. Even after 40+ years of existence, some of BODI Co.’s original customers from the days of selling rollers from a trunk are still proud customers today, a testament to BODI Co.’s dedication to its customers’ guaranteed satisfaction. BODI Co. is beyond grateful for all their customers’ support over the years. The same holds true for all our long term vendors.

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