Bodi Company Fiberglass Laminating Rollers come in many different shapes and sizes Fiberglass Laminating Rollerswhether it is for the initial skin coat or after many layers of 1708 or 2408; Bodi has the right roller for you. We offer many different types of laminating rollers some them include, Standard Rollers, Quick Change Rollers, Econo Rollers, Detail Rollers, and for those small DIY projects Mini Rollers. If you are looking for a roller to get the trapped air out of the initial skin coat try our Bristle rollers, these rollers are made of hog hair bristles. The bristles that are in these rollers poke tiny holes in the laminate for the air to escape; skin coat laminators love this roller for their ease of use and laminating air release quickness. Another type of roller is the Quick Change roller this roller is like our other Standard Rollers but offers the ability to slide the roller head off for easy cleaning.

Laminating Rollers are used for the initial manufacturing process, fiberglass repair shops, automobile repair shops, and DIY projects. Click to order or Call 863.551.3388 today and let us show you the Bodi difference.