BODI Buffing Pads

$ 9.06

TUFF-FLUFF - Made of 100% 4-ply twisted wool, Tuff-Fluff pads are what you need whether you are compounding, cutting and on some finishes polishing. Fused vinyl backing retains shape for life of the pad. Recessed arbor hold fits any standard backing plate.

POWER PADS - Deep dish pad style made with 20% more pile in the curve giving you the power needed to get the job done. Recessed arbor hole to fit any standard backing plate. Washable.

GRIP TITE - Universal loop backing means the pad stays up. Pad changes are quick and easy. Deep dish pad style.

Double Eagle - Designed to be durable and more economical than the competition. Constructed with a flexible center piece that allows you to buff and polish without edge burns. Each pad is made with 100% 4-ply twisted wool which allows longer buffing compound build-up.

BLENDED PADS - Offer the most cut for the fiberglass industry.

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