Tyvek - Boot & Hair Covers

$ 1.38

57-BC: These 18" slip on knee-high boot covers have an elastic top to provide the ultimate protection. Perfect for factories, medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, food preparation and more. Our Tyvek clean room shoe covers can save you money and time by keeping your areas contamination free! Liquid Impervious Shoe Covers. Has elastic top, withstands high levels of fluids. Impervious plastic material does not have a non skid feature, the plain bottom does not provide traction.

One Size Fits Most shoes or work boots.
57-HC: Tyvek hair bouffant is spun bonded olefin fabric that is made from high density polyethylene fibers that offer unique qualities of excellent barrier protection and strength. The cover is lightweight and highly resistant to tears and punctures. Spun bonded olefin is strong, lightweight, flexible, smooth, low linting, opaque and resistant to water and chemicals.
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